new stash and a finish

Man has it been cold here lately. Last week we got down to -13 degrees! I don't remember it ever getting that cold. I had to drag myself out of bed on those cold mornings for work. Going outside to start the car was brutal! We have about 3 inches of snow and ice on the ground. I don't see it going any where soon due to the cold. Brrrrrrrrrrrr

I have another snowman ornament finished. I've gotten board with these snowmen. So I have started working on a different one. It's from a chart called Charming Snow Trio by Ursula Michael Design. I'm almost done with it. So soon as I finish it I'll post a picture of it.

Now onto the greatest stash. LOL I have fallen in love with Barbara Ann Designs. Her charts are so bright and color full. How come I'm just seeing them now?? I bought a few of her charts from And whats great about buying from here is that they email you the charts. So no waiting for the mail to arrive..and no extra money paid for postage. These are the 2 I bought. First one is called Lucas the love elf..I hope to stitch him on 32 count over make him into an ornament. But since I've just tackled 32 count over 2..I'm not so sure about it. LOL The second one I bought is called Warm Winter Welcome. Just look at all the bright colors! So very pretty. Anyone stitch anything by Barbara? If so I would love to see your finish.

Now some family news. My mother come down on Saturday..spent the night. Spent the night on Sunday too. We had some much needed together time. I even called off work on Monday so we could have the morning together. Not the best reason to call off work but I've missed my mother. Most of the time I filled with anger towards here but not this time. She is talking about moving closer to home. She is 3 hours a town that I NEVER go to. I miss her...not her now..but the old her. I don't think I'll ever be as close to her as we once were. But we can always try..see where it goes..but not if she is 3 hours away.
Brandon got this really great toy from his grandma Bea. Keith and I sat it up for him..he spent forever playing with it. Even the cat came out to check things out. LOL It's sorta like Lego's . You

build tunnels, drop the balls in watch them roll down. It's so much fun. You can build smalls ones, like the one we built for Brandon, or you can build one huge one! But Brandon can't reach the top of it to drop in the balls. LOL

Now for some much needed motherly advise. Brandon is having fits where when he gets mad the throws himself down on the floor..when he does this he BANGS his head off the floor. Hard! I don't' know how to stop him from doing this. He's going to bust his head open one of these times. Cause he doesn't care whats on the floor at the time..toy car, toy gun..whatever.. Any tips for me??We've tried ignoring him..tried telling him it was bad..don't' know what else to do.

Hope everyone is keeping warm. Have a great week!


Ranae said...

Have you tried CyberStitchers, they have Barbara Ana freebies. You might want to look at Helga Mandl too. wXSw wonderful XS world yahoo group is run by both, they sometimes have free SAL, its a fun group. Somewhere on my blog I have ON The Road Again by Barbara, it was a SAL on the group. Check them out or email me for the links.

Carla said...

Cute snowman :)
I love Barbara Ana designs, love the bright colors she uses for her designs.

Cindy F. said...

Try getting down to his level...sit or bend til your head is same height as is and talk in a soft, calm tone. He's frustrated because he can't communicate or he's tired and throwing a hissy fit:) I probably shouldn't put my 2 cents in, my son is 26 years old and every child is different:)
Good luck!
Cute snowman and great new charts!

Julie said...

Cute snowman, and lovely bright new charts, they look like a fun project

Cheryl's Blog said...

Becca, just love your snowman, but of course I would, they are my favourite. Have you seen the free charts by EMS design? I have started #1. Stay warm, we are facing -24 to -20 - very cold.

Connie B said...

OH the snowman looks great on that fabby! Nice choice! Hey, congrats on the weight loss! I started back Jan 1st, and we are neck and neck!! Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.