Ice storm and another ornament finish

Well the winter storm is finally over. We have been without power since last night. Finally came back on a few hours ago. It was a very very cold night. This morning we made the trip to my sisters to reclaim our kerosene heater from her. We offered to let her and the kids come to our house to stay warm. Keith, Brandon and I spent the morning laying on the couch under the covers. Me trying to stitch a little (and I do mean very little lol), Keith sleeping on and off, and Brandon....well he drove me nuts. Kept wanting the TV turned on, lights turned on, wanting to go into his room to play, but he couldn't because we had that part of the house blocked off. was a very long morning. Here are some pictures of the town and of the ice. We are still under a lvl 2. Which means don't go onto the roads unless really really necessary.

Here is my recent ornament finish. Another snowman. You will be surprised to know that the one I'm stitching now is not a snowman! Can you believe it? LOL I just need to find someone to finish them for me. If you know of anyone plz let me know. I can do it myself..but not very well.

Brandon is still throwing himself down on the floor. When will he stop this! It makes me feel like I have no control..nothing I do makes him stop. Now when he does it he has to spend 5 minutes in the time out chair..which only leads to another head banging off the floor. grrrrrrr How in the world do mothers of more than one child make it..and remain sane?? Thank goodness I knew when I had Brandon that he would be enough for me. LOL Don't get me wrong..I love him very very much, but when he is throwing his tantrums I just want to join him on the floor. Another thing he is doing is..eating off of my plate. Doesn't matter if we have the same thing to eat..he wants to eat mine. Why is this?? Why can't he just eat his own food?? Does it taste better on my plate? Oh to be two years old again.

I gotta run..want to watch the life time movie today.


Have a good one all!


Julie said...

Lovely snowman for your ornie.
Stay safe in the snow

Daffycat said...

Darling snowman, Becca! Thankfully we did not lose power but the roads were bad for three days. It's mostly melted here now.

Regarding the tantrums...have you tried leaving the room? I'm sure the whole point is to get your attention and sympathy. Go into another room and shut the door so you don't have to watch!

I think the only time Jessica really threw a temper tantrum on me, I ended up dumping a glass of very cold water on her, I was so frustrated. I was not a nice mom!

Chiloe said...

Tantrums .... Yep, don't pay attention to him (I know a friend who gave the child a cold shower - could never had done that) but ignorance works great ;-) And stay firm: no means no, and when you say it, mean it in your voice. If you are firm now, it will be easier later on ;-) 5 i know , I have 3 but the first ones are the ones we tried our parenthood skill on and makes mistakes ... ) I know it's hard and exhausting but he'ss grow up ;-)

Anonymous said...

i can understand with the trantrums Savannag going into the hormone body change her mood swings are up and down shes only 10i may have few more years like this,

hope the weather gets better soon 4 you.

take care

omashee aka Barb said...

Becca, My sympathies re the tantrums and weather. Love your snowfolk!

Michele said...

very cute ornament :) Stay safe and warm :)

Raggedy Ann said...

that snowman is adorable!
well done :)

those pictures of the snow and ice make me feel cold just looking at them!

Love your blog!

Louise in NC