hooked on reading

Carla, I am now able to view your blog again. I'm not sure what was going on before. I'm just glad it's fixed.
I haven't been stitching much lately. I've been reading. I went to my MIL's last week. And guess what..forgot my needle! So I was Bord..went looking through her book shelf and found a book to read. It was called Gal, and was based on a true story. It was so good that i finished it in 2 days. That book gave me the reading bug. I used to read like crazy when I was younger, before I fell in love with stitching. This past weekend I went and checked out some V.C. Andrews books. Man do I love her writing style. And I really love that the books are in a series. I just finished the Broken wing series. I am waiting for the book called Celeste to be at the library so I can start the Gemini series. Anyone else like to read V.C. Andrews books? Whats your fav author or book?

I do have a new project started. And boy do I love the colors in it. It is called A Day with out stitching by Imaginating. I don't' know why this chart called to me when I was looking for something to stitch. It just did. I'm wanting to stitch a Halloween stocking but I need a large piece of 14 count black Aida. I know I know..all that complaining I did about black Aida and I want to do antoher project on it. I think this Halloween stocking will look awesome on it. So if anyone has any black Aida for sale, plz let me know. Here is a picture of what my project will look like when finished and of how much I got done so far.
My Aunt-in-law has made me the best gift ever! She has made me a stitching tote bag. I just love it. I asked her to make me just a plan bag to carry my stitching in. And she out did her self! Look at it, I love all the colors in it and she sewed on the butterfly's. God I wish I had her talent. She is the best! Thank you Franny! And I thought that I would share a picture of you of my 3 stitched and framed girls. One is called Tender gaze, the middle one is called Daisy girl and of course my newest framed piece is gathering eggs. I need to stitch a few little boys to hang up there as well. But so far I haven't' found a boy chart that has called my name. I might stitch the gift by Lanarte. But haven't' decided yet.


Ginnie said...

I assume V Andrews is Virginia Andrews? then yes I have read lots of her books in the past, not for a while though, but my one daughter has just started reading them too. I like your new stitching, it'll be lovely.

Kim said...

I used to read a lot of VC Andrews but haven't for a long time. I have been reading the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer. They are very good and hard to put down.

I love Sandra Cozzolino designs, the colors are so pretty and they are fun to stitch.

You new tote bag is very pretty and it looks like it would hold lots of stitchy things.

Your stitched finishes on the wall are very pretty...Good luck trying to find boy designs you like, I have been looking for a long time and have yet to find something I really like. If you find something, enable me and we could do a SAL :)

Stitchingranny said...

Love the new start and the pictures on the wall look really stunning.

Lucky you with such a lovely tote bag for your stitching.

Julie said...

Lovely bag, what a special gift. Lovely new start too, pretty colours.

Carla said...

I'm so glad you can read my blog now :)
Your corner with all three girls framed looks great!!
Great new start!!