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I had to give buddy the puppy away. I just couldn't give him the attention he needed. Poor dog was starved for attention. With taking care of Brandon, working and my hobby's the puppy was just to much. I did however find him a good home. A friend took him. A young man that has lots of time and energy to spend with the pup. And I'll be able to see him farily often.

I have most of the Noah arks finished. Just have back stitching and the border to do. Guess I'll have to wait in til the baby's are born to add the names. I'm still not sure what I'm going to work on next. I wish I had the fabric to start You are my Sunshine. I just can't afford to buy it right now. ramblings

My exchange partner received her package yesterday. She says she really likes it. I stitched for her Stitchers make best friends. Also sent her some VC Perle floss, and some silk weaver fabric and spring stitches chart. I forgot to take a picture of stitchers make best friends. I'll have to email her and see if she can't send me a pic. I still haven't received my exchange gift, the mail out deadline isn't til the end of may.

In the last few weeks Brandon has picked up lots of new words and saying. He says "where is it" or "what was that". He also says trash,kitty, shoes, and I swear he says damn. But I'm not sure about that. He still won't ask for his blanket or Binky by name. Just grunts and points. One would think that those would be the 1st words he would learn. His aunt christy sent him a new blanket in the mail. It is sooo cute. And just in time because his other 2 blankets are looking really rough. LOL I'll have to take pictures and show you his blanket. He's had one of them since birth, takes it every where he goes, has to have it to sleep at night, I think he needs it more than he needs his Binky.

I'm off to go read blogs. I've been so busy lately that I haven't posted or read any ones blogs. I guess I should say that I lost 3 pounds this past week. On May 6Th I weighed in at 187, Yesterday the 13Th I weighed in at 184! I've been counting points, like weight watchers. I got all the information free online. It's great!


Kim said...

Sorry to hear it didn't work out with Buddy but glad you were able to find him a good home.

Looking forward to seeing photos of the Noah's Ark finish. That will be such a wonderful gift.

Sounds like Brandon is off to a great start in the speech department. Before you know it, he will be putting all those words together into sentences.

Are you planning to save his blankets to show him when he is older? I still have Tyler's blanket.(Softy)packed away. I just couldn't part with it when he finally was able to part with it.

Have a Great Day :)

~Tammy said...

Congrats on the weight loss! WOOHOO!

Sorry to hear things didn't work out with Buddy. Good that you recognized it now that you don't have enough time for him. They are sometimes more work than human children!

Looking forward to your stitching pics.

Chiloe said...

COngrats on your weight loss;) You rock !!!

You did the right thing for the puppy: better now than later.

It's great Brandon is talking more: I love when they start talking: it's so much fun :D