Merry Christmas all!

Well Christmas is over. I think Boo had a really good Christmas. He received lots of toys and goodies from everyone. The thing he loves the most is a talking teddy bear that his granny Bea bought him. His second fav thing would be the simi truck and cars that his Aunt Christy bought him. Today I am going to straighten up his room and get things in order. LOL That will last all but 2 minutes. I think i'm going to put some of his toys away. That way he has something new to play with in a few weeks.
Here is a great picture of boo in his Santa outfit. Hes so cute.

Here is a couple pics of him with is toys.

Here is a pic of Keith's nephew on Christmas. Jadon is a few months older than Boo. Isn't he just so cute!!

For Christmas Keith got me the MP3 player that I have been begging for. I also got some new shirts, a journal, My MIL made me the greatest curtains for my bed room. I know I got some other awesome stuff but it's too early in the morning to think. LOL

Today I am going to start taking down some of the Christmas decoration. I'm going to leave up some of the winter stuff tho. I just gotta de-clutter the living room. I feel like there is stuff every where. Guess I'll end this boring post with a picture of Keith, boo and I.

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