christmas gift from cherly A.

I received a christmas package from my best pal yesterday. Cheryl A. and I have been friends for like 6 years. And every christmas we send each other a speical package. She sent me the most amazeing ornament this year. I wish I had her talent. She also sent me a magazine that has a chart of a snowman in it. I'm going to stitch it for my welcome hallway that I've been trying to put together. As soon as I get logans stocking stitched up, I think i'm going to start working on it. ((I have so many projects I want to get started in the new year)). She also sent to me a Snowman towel that I just love. I have it hanging in my kitchen. She sent me 2 non-stitched ornaemnts that I have hung on my tree. I love the mitten ornament and might hang it on my mitten dryer snowman. (picture of it should be in the slideshow).

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