brandon turns 3!

Hello fellow bloggers! I've been gone from my blog for a really really long time. Today I am posting pictures of my sons third birthday party. It was just a small gathering of friends and my family.

Brandon being silly. I just love this picture.

I was a little worried that the candle flame would scorch his eye lashes, lol but he blew them all out.

yummy cake...Keith baked the cupcakes for me. I but on the decorations. haha...i got the easy and fun job

ohhhhh presents. He was so excited by the presents. Loved opening each one.

he is so into bakugan. He received many for his birthday. I have put some of them up that way they don't get lost.
wow a fire truck!

being the great mommie that i am, i couldn't let him get all fun toys, had to get him an educational toy. This will teach him all sorts of things, colors, shapes, numbers, letters..grrrreat.

and a scooter, also from mom and dad. He played with it for 4 minutes, fell on his toy farm house and won't go near it now. LOL Wanted him to play with it inside to get used to it before taking it out side and falling on the hard sidewalks.

and this is my hubby Keith. I couldn't go with out posting this picture..just because i know how much he LOVEs his picture posted on the net. hahaha Love you bunches sweetie.

And all good things have to come to an end. He is mad cause one of the other kids took this fire truck. also he's very tired..the party was during his nap time.

On a sad note..reason Keith's family didn't join us for Brandon's party is because his sister was in a head on car wreck Friday. She is in the hospital. Doing very well for someone that wasn't wearing a seat belt. She has a broken leg, her other leg has a crushed foot, several broken ribs. Lots of cuts on her face, her lip had to be sewn up cause it was cut really bad. so plz everyone keep her in your prayers.

As for me, I've been doing ok. I've finally lost enough weight to get below 200 pounds! yay me! I know weigh 195, have lost 40 pounds and plan to lose another 25 before being happy with my self and my body. I can get into a size 14 jeans! Some depends on make size 12 jeans. That is freak in awesome. Turning 30 a few weeks ago i didn't quite reach my goal of being 190 but I'm so very very close that I didn't lose sleep over it.

Have a grrrrrrrrrrrreat day everyone!

PS..will be doing some maintenance on my blogs looks some time today.


Lizy said...

Happy Birthday Brandon I hope you enjoy your day Lizette

~Tammy said...

Looks like a fun birthday party. 3 was my favorite age of my girls when they were growing up.

Great job on the weight loss!

kimstitch3 said...

Brandon looks like he had a great Birthday. Give him a hug from me.Kimberly

Rachel S said...

Happy birthday, Brandon!

Congrats on your weight loss. I am trying to get below 200 myself and it stinks.