is it August?

Really couldn't tell around here that August is here. The days are hot..but not the normal hot we are used too. We are used to humid, sticky summers. And well this summer has been an awesome one. Hot windy days, filled with cool nights. I could live with this type of weather all year long. I am able to get out side and enjoy the weather with out sweating bullets.

My sister got married last month. On the 10th of July. It was an out side wedding. Never been to an outside wedding before. It was great. Kids were able to run free in the yard, weather was great, and the ceremony didn't last forever. LOL And my
sister looked beautiful. Dressed in her white gown, hair done up, pretty yellow nails. Just spectacular. And Jason, the groom looked very nervous. But dressed very nicely. Unless you looked at the hem of his pants. I was asked to hem the pants, since I had a sewing machine and knew how to use it. But for
some reason my sewing machine didn't want to sew the fabric. So in the end I ended up sewing the him by hand. What a very very long progress that is. And it looked awful. I really felt bad, but i didn't know what to do.
And of course I have to share a picture of my Boo. With this little bow tie on. He just loved that little bow tie. The shirt was a little snug but we mad do. How cute is he! While on the subject of Brandon. I should tell you that we have begun potty training! Not sure how it happen, one day he said he had to pee..the next day he was in pull ups. It's been smooth sailing every since (hahah yea right). He doesn't have any number 1 accidents in his big boy pants, except while he is sleeping, but we can't not, will not, do number 2 in the pot. Any tips on that? Of course it's only been..2 weeks..maybe 3 since we started. I'm hoping today is the day. We talked about it a lot yesterday, bought him poo ball. LOL Told him he could only have the ball if he pooped in the potty. And thats all he talks about while he is peeing in the pot. Anyways, that's the scoop on boo. He's been having so much fun this summer, out side, riding bikes, playing with this neighbor cousin. What a great summer to remember.
As for me..I'm still trying to lose weight. I can't believe I have lost 30 pounds since January. I haven't lost any recently but I really haven't been trying. Not as hard as I should be. One thing I gotta say is..My husband is the greatest. So supportive of me, he doesn't care if I'm fat or skinny ( I'll NEVER be skinny). He loves me just the way that I am. That's one of the mail reason I'd like to lose weight. Too look nice for him. He deserves it. Eating healthier isn't that hard. I love the food, wheat bread, yogurt, veggies, fruit. But god sometimes I just want to, hamburger,anything deep fried. LOL I eat a lot of soy burgers, which if I put the right toppings on, pickles, tomato, ketchup, it taste like a real burger. And I found this Fab bread called sandwich thins, 100 calories, full of fiber. I just love it. Here is the site..check it out..and try some soon!
I have totally lost my mojo for stitching. I can't pick up a needle, don't' want to pick up a needle, the thought makes me sad. But one good point is ..I have my cross stitch stash sorted out and neatly put away. Something I could never do before cause I was always searching for that next great chart to stitch. I have on the other had renewed my love for reading. I have read 2 books this week. Very good books, couldn't put them down. Actually stayed up til 1am last night reading it. I'm such a loser nerd. LOL
I guess that's all for now..I'm off to pay farmville on face book. Have a great day!


Chiloe said...

Great for Brandon !!! Advice for number2 ? Not really: it's difficult for some kids to let it go. When you put the pee in the toilet , you can say: "goodbye pee, it goes to the country of pees or silly stuffs like that to show him it's not frightening " it may take a long time ... like for Pierre who didn't want to do at all and was loosing little round things when he couldn't hold them anymore like ... in the Mac donald's palyground ! :-o True ... Chuy had to climp to the top of the game to clean up ....

We want the mojo back !!!!Please !!!!!!!!!! Or send me ALL your stash !!! lol as we have the same tastes, I'll love all !!! lol Have you seem that Ranae is stitching the witch from Stoney Creek? (the poster one)

Happy married life to your sister ;-)

Lizy said...

your little Bo look cute in bow tie. congralations to your sister,and hope you start stitching again Lizette

kimstitch3 said...

love your updated blog girlie. I hope you have a great weekend hon,Kimberly

Maren said...

Aw, isn't Boo just the most handsome little guy! Congratulations to your sister, and don't worry about the hems. So long as the bride's dress was perfect, that's all anyone will remember. Except you, because you sewed them, and we are all our own worst critics.

Your mojo for stitching will come back eventually. In the meantime, there's tons of wonderful books in the world. Have at them!

kimstitch3 said...

congrats on the 30 lb loss, that is awesome!! way to go. I have missed seeing your blog updates,glad to see you back up .Take care,Kimberly

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.