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Holly Kennedy (Hilary Swank) is beautiful, smart, and married to the love of her life—a passionate, funny and impetuous Irishman named Gerry (Gerard Butler). So when Gerry’s life is taken by an illness, it takes the life out of Holly. The only one who can help her is the person who is no longer there. Nobody knows Holly better than Gerry. So it’s a good thing he planned ahead
If you haven't seen this movie yet, you need to run out right now and rent it. It is sooo good. It's funny, sad and very watchable. I couldn't even get up to go pee with out pausing it. I don't know how I found time today to sit and watch the WHOLE movie but I did. And boy was I glad I left that sink of dishes to do it. And while I watch the movie I got a lot of stitching done. Here is an update on You are my sunshine. I'm so loving this fabric. I don't know what the brown spot on the picture is, it isn't on my stitched piece so it must be something on the camera.

Not much else is going on right now. I've totally blew my diet this past weekend. With all the good food and cook outs going on, who could resist? My husbands friends Aronn and Candice came down. They spent the whole day with us on Monday. We just layed around, watching TV and eating. She is about 5 months along, and is getting a belly. I have pictures of her showing her belly but I forgot to ask her if I could post it. So I won't, not with out asking first.

I want to write more but I don't' have anything to write about. LOL How sad is that, I actually have time to blog and have nothing to blog about.

My New WIP...and a Giveaway

Well I started yet another new project this past weekend. I was working oncountry fall by Passione Ricamo,but a lady from the 123 Stitch Message board (thank you Becky!!) sent me a piece of 28 count blue linen to stitch You are my sunshine by Country Cottage Needleworks. The piece of linen is like none I have ever seen or felt before. It's so soft and beautiful. I just had to start the new chart. Also this is the second time I have ever stitched on linen. The 1st time was when I stitched the family tree for my mother. It was horrid to work with, must have been the type of linen I used.Because this piece that Becky sent me is great to stitch on. So great that I haven't did much else but stitch. The sink if full of dishes, laundry needs done, the floors are in great need of cleaning. I want to STITCH! LOL Here is a picture of it
I also want to have a GIVEAWAY. I've had this chart in my stash forever. I actually won it in a PIF of the 123 MB. But I have yet to start it. So I want to give it away. Simple rules for the giveaway, leave a comment to this post. You must have a blogger blog or account. And if you mention this giveaway on your blog I will add your name twice to the hat. Here is a picture of the chart you could win It is called Tatty Teddy advent Calendar. And if i can find it I'll include the Aida band that is needed for the chart. Although I think the band I have is linen. It was also given to me for this project. Drawing for this chart will be one week from today.

Today is Monday and I should be at work. But I took the day off. We are expecting company. Keith's friend Arron and his pregnant wife Candice are coming to visit. I can't wait to see them. I have lots of baby things to give her, I've been saving all of Brandon's for her. Well not all of Brandon's because she is preg with twin girls. I better get off here and get some house work done. I think I will do the dishes right after I put a few more stitches in. LOL Someone come take my needle from me plz!!!

My Sisters WIP

Check out my sister's WIP. (one of them anyways lol). This is on my to do list. I'm waiting to find the right fabric for it. Isn't it awesome. It is called the gift by Lanarte. I don't know what color her fabric is but I do know it is silkweavers. I've posted 2 pictures of it, one is closer than the other. I can't wait intil she gets the gals face finished.

lil bit everything

I have lots of things to share in this post. 1st thing is my Finished Noah ark piece. I have to wait in til the baby is born before I add the name. They have changed it like a million times. I think it turned out great!

This past week I have been working on the Tow mater kit by Janlynn Corporation. I can't work on it any more! At least not for a while. I have used a whole skein of black floss. Black,black, black...blah blah blah. LOL So this will be my first ever UFO. I'll pick it up every now again to try to finish it. But man is it boring. I'm going to be starting Country Fall by by Passione Ricamo. I have all the floss out and the fabric is ready.

On a sadder note..I've had a lot of those lately. My BF totaled her truck on Sunday morning. She was heading to work (we work the same shift),saw a wrecked car along the road so she stoped to make sure no one was hurt inside the car. She put her car in park, set the Emergency break, went to the wrecked car. No one was inside the car so she headed back to her truck, her truck was moving, so she ran to see if she could catch it, made it to the driver side door just as it went over a LARGE cliff and landed in the creek below. So needless to say her truck is mess. But Thank god she didn't try to jump inside the thing, who knows what could have happen. Here's a couple pics of her truck.
Something exciting did happen to me this past week. I received a 25 cent raise at work. WOOOO HOOOO. Everyone did, with gas costing 4$ a gallon they didn't have much of a choice. No weight lost this week. Actually gained a pound, but I ate like a pig this past weekend. So back on the wagon..I 'd like to weight 174 again some day. that's what I weighed before I got pregnant with boo boo. Anyways, sorry for the long post. Have a good one! I'll try to post before and after picture of me and my weight.

mostly ramblings

I had to give buddy the puppy away. I just couldn't give him the attention he needed. Poor dog was starved for attention. With taking care of Brandon, working and my hobby's the puppy was just to much. I did however find him a good home. A friend took him. A young man that has lots of time and energy to spend with the pup. And I'll be able to see him farily often.

I have most of the Noah arks finished. Just have back stitching and the border to do. Guess I'll have to wait in til the baby's are born to add the names. I'm still not sure what I'm going to work on next. I wish I had the fabric to start You are my Sunshine. I just can't afford to buy it right now. ramblings

My exchange partner received her package yesterday. She says she really likes it. I stitched for her Stitchers make best friends. Also sent her some VC Perle floss, and some silk weaver fabric and spring stitches chart. I forgot to take a picture of stitchers make best friends. I'll have to email her and see if she can't send me a pic. I still haven't received my exchange gift, the mail out deadline isn't til the end of may.

In the last few weeks Brandon has picked up lots of new words and saying. He says "where is it" or "what was that". He also says trash,kitty, shoes, and I swear he says damn. But I'm not sure about that. He still won't ask for his blanket or Binky by name. Just grunts and points. One would think that those would be the 1st words he would learn. His aunt christy sent him a new blanket in the mail. It is sooo cute. And just in time because his other 2 blankets are looking really rough. LOL I'll have to take pictures and show you his blanket. He's had one of them since birth, takes it every where he goes, has to have it to sleep at night, I think he needs it more than he needs his Binky.

I'm off to go read blogs. I've been so busy lately that I haven't posted or read any ones blogs. I guess I should say that I lost 3 pounds this past week. On May 6Th I weighed in at 187, Yesterday the 13Th I weighed in at 184! I've been counting points, like weight watchers. I got all the information free online. It's great!

Circus came to town

Last night keith, Brandon and I went to the family circus. IT was so freakin awesome. I am 28 years old and have NEVER been to a circus. So when they annouce last month that a circus was coming to our very small town I told keith we HAD to go. We had so much fun. And Brandon actually sat and watched the whole show. It was 2 hours long!I took pictures but the lighthing in the building was awful. My fav. part was the boxing kangaroo. I'd never seen a kangaroo before! Oh wait, my fav part was the monkey. He looked so old, and listen to the trainer so well. Anyways, here's some pics
The picture of the blonde hair boy covering his mouth is my nephew logan.He was doing this during the knife throwing act. A man was throwing knifes at a woman. He really looks scarde, but when the knifes missed the woman and she was alright he would cheer and laugh. It was so funny. I'm so glad this picture came out fairly good. These pics are the best ones. I hope my sister in law got some better ones. At the end of the show you could take the kids up and the there pictures taken with spongebob and patrick. Well Logan wanted to do it so we waited in line, about 5 minutes. We get him and Brandon up beside spongebob. Logan freaks out, he scarde of them! And of course brandon didn't want any part of it. So we didn't force it, left with out a picture. LOL Kids are so werid, Logan LOVES spongebob, wonder why he was scarde?

Anyways thats all for now. I'm off to search for a chart that my sister is wanting.

Noah ark WIP

Here is a picture of my WIP. It is Noah's Ark Birth Announcement (kit)byJanlynn Corporation. This has become a very boring stitch. Most of it is the same colors. No shading to make it pop. I can't wait to be done with it. I think I'm going to throw my "one project at a time" rule out the window and start something new today. I've been dying to start Spring stitches, Velda has fixed the chart for me so it doesn't contain so many speciality stitches."Thank you Velda!" If I had the right blue linen I would start "you are my sunshine" But I can't afford to buy the fabric right now. I'm saving my penny's so I can start weight watchers. A lady from work loaned me her things for a day to look them over and I think WW would be a great idea. I haven't lost any weight in weeks, I haven't' gained any,but still I'd like to lose those 20 pounds soon.

The bird that was nested in the back yard has left. She has been gone for 3 days, she has left behind 2 very small eggs. I think about her a lot. Wonder what has happened to her.Why she would leave her egg's and never come back. I didn't allow the neighbor kids to play in the back yard so I don't think it was anything we did. I miss seeing her every day.

The puppy is driving me nuts! I've had him for almost 3 weeks and he still isn't house broken. I never knew it was going to be such a hard thing to do. Now when I brought my cat home she was littered boxed trained in a day! Cats must be smarter than dogs? I'm going to buy some puppy pads today, If he can't hold it in til I get him outside maybe he will mess on the pads instead of my kitchen floor! I have mopped it every day this week, and I HATE to mop! LOL

My sister's birthday was yesterday, she turned 30. She was a bit depressed about it. I told her that turning 30 isn't a big deal any more. She says wait in til I hit the big 30 and see if I feel the same. I didn't' go to her birthday cook out because I didn't' want to ruin my diet. And I knew if I went to the party I would so eat and eat and eat.

Anyways, sorry for all the ramblings.