2008 christmas

Today's post is going to be all about Christmas! Christmas was a very busy day around here. We woke up around 7am to open presents. Brandon had such a great time tearing his gifts open. I dressed him up in his Santa suit. Here are some pictures of him. We didn't buy him much this year. Seems like he grows out of things so fast. We will be getting him some more things at income tax time. He really liked his cow bowling. Well what he really likes is the ball that makes tons of noise and drives daddy and mommy crazy. LOL Anyways, after opening presents Keith went back to bed. So that left me to clean up the mess in the kitchen. The night before our electric went out. At like 5:30 and didn't come back on in til after I went to bed. So I had all those dishes to do from the baking I did. (yeah..U read right..I did some baking). Let me tell you that dishes from baking are HARD to clean once they sit all night. While we are on the subject of baking...Let me show you a picture of what made for my sisters dinner(actually it was lunch). I made peanut butter fudge and buckeyes. I also made peanut butter pies and chocolate pies but didn't take pictures of those. Anyone that knows me knows how much I HATE to bake, or cook. My thing is eating...lol.

We spent the morning at my sisters (sorry no pictures of this visit) Then we were off for a 2 hour drive to my MIL's. My MIL was sick with the flu, so she spent most of the time on the couch. But we had an awesome time. Keith's sister and brother's family's where there. Everyone got along..didn't feel the tension in the air that I usually feel when the in laws are all together. Here are some pictures of the opening of presents and such.
Before we opened presents I wanted to get some family pictures taken. I sure wish grandma would have waited on those suckers....This is Brandon and his cousin Jadon. They are only a few months apart in age.

This Is Keith (right) his brother mike(left) and his sister Christie(lower).

Here are the boys opening a gift from there Uncle Mike. He got them Leap pads. I went to 2 different walmarts and a Kmart looking for the books and cartridge that goes with this reading system..can't find them. I looked on eBay and have found a few. But most is for grade school children. So I might have to put this up in til he is a little older. And start stocking up on the books and things so he will have them. Very cool gift.

This is my Mother-in-law. She is more than that tho..she is my friend. She is the greatest person ever. Always willing to do for other people. Anyone that knows this lady is blessed. She was ill on Christmas but was still able to have a great dinner cooked and keep the kinds entertained.

This is me of course. My SIL got me this gift. Awesome. I can't wait to write someone a letter and use my new envelopes and stationary. I know I don't look very happy is this photo. But I hate having my picture taken. And I hate my smile, hate my dimples. Grrrrr lol

This is MIL with all her grand baby's. The dork with this Santa hat is Timmy(his dad is Mike..pictured above). He is 16 years old. Much Much older..but still a big baby. LOL He's a great kid..Some one for Brandon to look up to. I hope they get to spend lots of time together when Brandon is older. This is after all the presents are opened and everyone is just chillin and relaxing. Jadon really didn't' want his picture taken, he was getting crabby from not having his evening nap.

This is Christy. My sister. She is really my sister in law but I love her as much if not more than my real sister. She is so much fun to be around. Some times she gets a little crazy and strung out but for the most part is is awesome. She is really diggin her new jeans. A present from her mom. And for some reason I didn't' get a picture of her boyfriend so I will post a picture of him below hers. How did I let that happen??
This is Byran..Christy's boyfriend. I had his name for gift exchange. Well I sorta left his present at home. It was a gift card to walmart. So we just ended up giving him cash in a Christmas card. LOL I felt like such an ass for forgetting it. I'm not sure who got Byran the boxers shorts..but who couldn't use new underpants?

Well that was our Christmas. We ended up staying the night at MIL's house. I really didn't think she needed the extra company being sick and all but she more or less insisted. We had a great evening playing with Brandon's new toys. LOL I don't know who liked them more..Brandon or Keith's.
I spent yesterday taking down the Christmas tree and putting away the Christmas decor. I Love having the tree up in til after the new year but our Christmas tree has seen it's last year. The leg on the stand is cracked and broken. Took it down early before it fell over and broke completely. We did buy a new one at Walmart, the day after Christmas, got it 50% off. Was scared to wait to long after Christmas to get a new one. Was afraid they wouldn't have any of the one we wanted. Anyways Hope everyone had a great Christmas. Hugs to everyone.


~Tammy said...

Well look at that adorable little Santa!

Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas.

Julie said...

Brandon looks such a cutie in his santa suit. Looks like you all had a very fun time.

Cindy F. said...

What a wonderful Christmas!! Hope your MIL is feeling better. Brandon is too cute in his santa suit:)

Cheryl's Blog said...

Looks and sounds like you had a wonderful xmas, Brandon is so cute in the santa suit. We were all sick here over xmas, a bug that lasted only 12 hours for some and longer for others.

Happy New Year

Rachel S said...

You had a lovely Christmas. Happy new year!

Ranae said...

Looks and sounds like a wonderful Christmas, thanks for sharing with us.
Logan's stocking turned out fabulous.
Happy 2009!!

Chiloe said...

I'm glad you all had a great christmas !!! Brandon is such a cutie ;-)