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Not much to share with you today. Seems like all I've been doing lately is working. I did get the news yesterday that Starting Jan. 4th I get my old hours back. YAY! I never thought I would be so happy about working every weekend. LOL But I am. Having those 3 days off in a row is soooo nice and relaxing. I can't wait.

Last year at Christmas time I stitched a stocking for my nephew Logan. I have had it stuff in a drawer since then waiting for Assembly. Well I took the plunge and did it myself. I have to tell you that I was a nervous wreck the whole time. But in the end it wasn't really that hard. It's not perfect (not like my friend cherlys stockings) but it's together and ready to be used. The next stocking will be much better I hope.

I'm working on a Christmas ornament still. I found a peice of (I think) linen in my stash that someone sent to me. I think it's linen or even weave. It's soooo tiny. The stitches are so small..I think my ornament will be lost on the tree unless I can figure out a way to finish it big but make it look good. I am enjoying stitching on this fabric (what ever it might be). It's a nice change from stitching on Aida all the time. I found a few stocking ornament charts that I am going to stitch up next. I am going to stitch one for my nieces and nephew. (well that's the plan for now).

Here is an update picture on my twins! They have gotten so big since I seen them last. The twins parents have gotten into the grove of caring for 2 baby's. I don't know how they do it, I'd be soo tired and worn out. Dealing with just one about did me in. LOL I do believe that Ava is on the right and Victoria is on the left. Vic. is larger than Ava. That's how I can tell them apart. Aren't they sooo cute.

And of course I have to end this post with a picture of Brandon. While at grandmas she let the boys eat candy while laying in bed!! How scary was that. They had a blast. As did she. The other boy with Brandon is Jadon. Brandon's cousin.


Cheryl's Blog said...

Great job for your first try, am very proud of you for taking the "plunge".

Hugs and Merry Christmas to you all.


GingerLouise Clothing said...

Hi, You know you won my give away right? So come pick out some hair clips or tell me what you need! Laura

Cindy F. said...

Good job! It's a beautiful stocking:)
Congrats on getting your hours back too!

Julie said...

Well done on the stocking, nice new start too. Nice pics of the kids.

Carla said...

Glad you got your old hours back!
I think your first stocking turned out very nice :)
Merry Christmas!!