Happy 4th of july!

Welcome summer! Summer is finally here. It's been so hot and sticky out that Brandon and I can't really get out side to enjoy the weather. I for one can't breath in the humid weather, and he gets over heated too quickly. So we have been entertaining our self's inside the last week or so. I found this really great learning track on Craig list. He loves its! And I love it because it's teaching hi

m his colors and letters. I also found this train track at a yard sale for 5$$. What a great deal. We don't play with this track as much because he likes to knock the train off the tracks and he can't get i

t back on right. Then he gets mad and gets really fussie. So unless I can sit down with him we keep this track hid. LOL

Here is a picture of my 1st sunburn of the season.

Man did it hurt.Brandon and I was spending a lot of time in the small pool that my sister bought for us at a yard sale. (5$$!!) But something went

wrong with the pump. We aren't sure what , Keith is suppose to work on it today. i hope he gets it fixed so i can continue to work on my tan. oh also because Brandon enjoys it so. LOL he was really scared at 1st. But after spending time in it he really started to enjoy it. I cant' get him to do anything but walk around..but it's a start. I remember last year he was terrified of the pool. So we are taking baby steps so that doesn't happen this year.

As for my diet/life change..I have finally reached 205..5 more pounds and 'll be at my goal weight! Not that my goal weight is my stopping point.but if I reach 200 pounds I'm going to go get my hair done. Cut/color/ and style. I can't wait. I can't believe I've almost lost 32 pounds! I can really tell it too. My clothes fit so much better and I have energy! Now if i can find time to exercise i could lose that last 5 pounds in a matter of weeks. But working full time and taking care of a 2 year old..i just can't seem to find time.

As for cross stitching..well..i've lost my mojo. I have over 500 charts at my fingertips and I cant find a single that that catches my eye.I haven't stitched a single thing since I finished my girl on the swing. And it took all I had to finish her. Someone help me plz! LOL

My sister is getting married next week. And i didn't stitch her a wedding sampler. I feel kinda bad about that but..what am I too do.

Happy 4th of July to everyone. Plz be safe and responsible this weekend. NO DRINKING AND DRIVING PLZ!


Lizy said...

Glad to see you back in your blog happy 4thof July Lizette

Katrina said...

You are such an awesome Cross stitcher, I sure hope you get your mojo back ... your projects are so beautiful, love your Girl on a Swing:)

Stitching@HLR said...

Just discovered your blog. I have the same train for my son. He loves it too and repeats the letters, the colors... Funny.

Rachel S said...

Happy 4th fo July to you, too! Hope your sunburn feels better soon and you get some more enjoyable weather.