Happy late mothers day

Of course I didn't get on here in time to wish you all a Happy Mothers day. I just can't seem to find time to blog these days. I have so much to write about..see things I would like to post..but then I get busy and forget.  My sister got me the most wonder full gift for mothers day. It's a hanging candle. It's from party light. I have been wanting it for a very very long time. My sister in law next door gave me the mini jar candles. Isn't it fabulous! I can't wait to light the candles and see what it looks like at night. Keith for mothers day ordered me something..not sure what..but it hasn't arrived yet. Hopefully it will be here soon! Will let you know what it is when it arrives. 
I have been working on my touching the autumn sky. I'm 
soooo close to being done with it. I have begun adding the beads. I think all I have left is the very top, a few beads and a little back stitching. I can't believe I have been stitching on this for over 2 months. I never thought it would take me this long. Here is an updated picture.
I found a bird nest in my back yard a few weeks 
ago. I've been watching it almost daily. Seeing the little birds out my kitchen window. It's very
 neat to see such a thing up close. I have taken a picture of it. If anyone knows what kind of bird this is I would be glad to know. 

We have had more sickness in this house this year than I can stand. Last week I had to take Brandon to the doctor, he had upper repertory and ear infections. Again!  And Tuesday I had to take Keith to the doctors (kicking and screaming lol ) and he has strep throat. I pray I don't get it. I don't have PTO hours at work to take. Would really stink to use the little hours I have saved laying on the couch sick. 


Lizy said...

happy mothers day I hope you had a wonderfulday an I hope Brandon gets well soon Lizette

Chiloe said...

I'm glad you had a great mother's day with gifts you enjoyed ;-)

Almost a happy dance there !!!

Have you seen my blog with the header? DOn't you think the background looks great with it? They seem to be made for each other !!! Thanks again !!!

Maren said...

We've got a nest of cardinals in our backyard, and a million of some other kind of bird nesting in holes all around the eaves of the house. You can hear the babies begging for food in the attic every time mom or dad visit the nest from just about every single room. lol As soon as they're gone, we're going to fix the eaves in our new fixer-upper house.

Oh no, I hope you all get well soon!

GoldenAngelsWorks said...

WOW your stitching is gorgeous!

Happy late mother's day!