Where has April gone? The month has flown by. I can't believe it will be May soon..and soon after that hot..humid weather. I dread it. I don't do well in the heat. I have been spending most of our afternoons out side with Brandon. Before it gets too hot to be out side. I have been stitching very little.I hate taking my stitching out side. Scared it will get dirty. Here is a picture of it tho. My WIP hoping soon I will have it stitched and finished. Click on it for a bigger view. I really enjoy stitching this. Love all the great colors. I can't wait to start adding the beads.

I received the above and beyond award this month at work. I received a bag with our mission statement on it. I was very surprised to receive this award. I was rewarded this bag for the following reasons..takes initiative to follow through with her job,supportive of change,very positive approach to problem solving, and planned activities at home and brought to work for the residents to enjoy. How great is that? lol

We had a great Easter, spent Easter with my family here. Had a large dinner with the family and then took the kids out side for an Easter egg hunt. Of course the older kids found all the eggs leaving the smaller kids with nothing. Next year we've got to figure out a different way of doing things. We have kids from age 12 down to age 1. I hate to break them up in small groups, maybe have a big kid help a smaller kid? Or give them each 1 minute to find eggs..starting with the smaller kids 1st? I dunno..anyone have any ideas on this?We didn't buy Brandon much for Easter. He has so many toys now, and with yard sale season upon us..we didn't see the need. We don't allow him to have much candy, but I did buy him a small basket of stuff.

I hung a bird feeder in my back yard. Trying to bring finch birds to the yard. After a week of hanging back there and nothing..No birds at all. I woke up the other morning and found this eating from the feeder. Isn't it beautiful!!! I love watching this little bird eat.

The weather has been so nice here the last few days. High 80's. Today it is suppose to be 77 degrees but with rain. Of course the my day off it rains..it rained last week on my days off. grrrr

I've been doing alright on my diet. Still at 208 tho. I'd like to lose enough weight so I can fit into my shorts soon. I'm not buying new shorts..I'll either lose the weight or suffer in jeans. LOL What a great way to keep me motivated.

Anyways, I gotta go. Going to get my housed cleaned up today so I can relax the rest of the week.

Before I go tho here is a picture of my husband,son and me. Of course I couldn't get Brandon to sit still. He was wanting down to finish (drinking) blowing his bubbles. LOL


Ginnie said...

Your stitching is looking great, such lovely colours.

Chiloe said...

Congrats for your award: I'm sure it is well deserved ;-)

YOur stitching is great: I love it !!! I have it on my stash of course ! lol

Brandon is a little cutie ;-)

The bird is SO beautiful : you are very lucky to be able to have those in your yard ;-)

Lizy said...

It looks like you enjoy your Easter and Brandon had a good time Lizette

Julie said...

Great pics, your WIP looks gorgeous.

Congrats on the award.

Why not pair the kids one older one with a younger one, searching together and sharing??

Connie B said...

Your WIP looks great!

Lana said...

Love the WIP!!! Great Progress!

GoldenAngelsWorks said...

Your stitching is beautiful.

Barb said...

Your stitching looks great. Brandon is so cute!

Raggedy Ann said...

wow! your "touching the Autumn sky" is coming along gorgeous!!!