Here is a picture of my WIP...I just now figured out how to post a picture the right way. LOL

Will tomorrow ever come??

It's been well over 24 hours since my last smoke. Will it get any better? I feel like i'm going insane with need. I'm keeping myself busy tho. Stitching, blowing bubbles, walking and posting on message boards. I can do it..i can do it..i can do it....can't I?

Here is a picture of my WIP
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I hope to get the tree to the right of here stitched this week. But I doubt boo is going to allow that. Although he's suspose to go to the neighbors for the night. So maybe.....
It's been well over 12 hours sinice my last smoke. I some times feel as if i'm going crazy with wanting one. I'm trying to keep busy with house work, laundry and stitching. And of course Boo keeps me plunty busy. My brothers GF kept boo the other night. I was albe to stitch, stitch, and stitch some more. I got allmost all the girl done on my country winter peice. Today I hope to get her all stitched and back stitched. Then start working on the trees. I'll try to get a picture of it posted later.

My sister twisted her ankel and is now unable to walk. She is using cructches(SP?). But atleast she can sit and stitch. It would sorta be nice. LOL

I've been on my diet 1 week. Still eating only 1800 calories. And I've lost 5 pounds!!!! I'm so proud. I hope to keep dieting and not smoking. Keep your fingers crossed!

to eat or not to eat....

Today I start my diet. I gotta get my cholesterol lowered or the doctor is going to put me on meds. So far today I've had a bowl of Cheerios, a fat free smoothie, fat free skim milk(in my cheerios) and 1 packet of splenda. Thats a total of 385 calories and 4 fat grams.
The hard part of starting a diet is i'm quiting smoking tomorrow. I'm on the new smoking pill. I can't think of the name right now. So far the smoking pill has made the cravings less..not void totally but less. for a nap. I'm stitching Country winter. It's going to be so pretty when I get it done.
I also got a pacakge from Jenni P. today. She sent me the kit "row of snowmen". I'm going to get it ready for a RR that i'm going to do. I think the "row of snowmen" would look great as ornaments.
Guess i'm going to get off here and go stitch. Boo is laying down
ta ta for now