to eat or not to eat....

Today I start my diet. I gotta get my cholesterol lowered or the doctor is going to put me on meds. So far today I've had a bowl of Cheerios, a fat free smoothie, fat free skim milk(in my cheerios) and 1 packet of splenda. Thats a total of 385 calories and 4 fat grams.
The hard part of starting a diet is i'm quiting smoking tomorrow. I'm on the new smoking pill. I can't think of the name right now. So far the smoking pill has made the cravings less..not void totally but less. for a nap. I'm stitching Country winter. It's going to be so pretty when I get it done.
I also got a pacakge from Jenni P. today. She sent me the kit "row of snowmen". I'm going to get it ready for a RR that i'm going to do. I think the "row of snowmen" would look great as ornaments.
Guess i'm going to get off here and go stitch. Boo is laying down
ta ta for now

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